Monday, June 13, 2016


DU30-Team Filipino

When comments of people wanting Mayor to be the President of the Philippines started cropping up, I knew these people didn`t know what they were saying. I get it, people are so frustrated with the ones running this country...I too am a victim of sticky red tape and have my share of stories- I get it. Being from the North, I arrived here in the South to escape from a husband so far into drugs that his family thought our having a family was his cure. It took awhile to get used to life in Davao- the sense of humor, the easy going pace, the way to establish leadership to the most ornery person is to be abrasive and to promise them a good fight after the job is done (Yup! It works!).

Now, with a Davaoeno at the helm, people who have voted for him will have to learn the meaning of TEAMWORK in their lives. People of the LuzViMin getting ready for change is not that red and blue wristband or the fist emblem- it’s a start but true commitment to the DU30 cause is being a team player.

Seasons of Ady

The year is 2016 and if anyone told me most of what I see right now 20 years ago, I'd give a look of disdain and ask you what you are smoking. That too apparently is not a proper question to ask since marijuana has been legalized in the US and some other countries.