Monday, June 13, 2016

Seasons of Ady

The year is 2016 and if anyone told me most of what I see right now 20 years ago, I'd give a look of disdain and ask you what you are smoking. That too apparently is not a proper question to ask since marijuana has been legalized in the US and some other countries.

Me, Writing?!

In all honestly, I am a bibliophile and I love reading. I've written for pay (love letters were an easy way to get some pesos), to be part of a school paper, to provide album feature to occupy what would've been column space devoted to ads (IMO), research for a news article which made the front page just when I turned in my resignation and as a segment producer of a fashion feature of a defunct local noon time show.

With all my 'offline' experience in writing there was never an online option for me- or so I thought.

Online World

The tiny step to online writing made me feel bad because my entry was changed a few months later- from where I'm from they haven't heard of internal linking to posts yet in 1999. So 8 years later when someone offered I apply for a web developing company- it took their persistence before I ever set foot in the office.

Best Blind Date Ever

The horrors of going into something blind (sort of) makes agreeing difficult. But considering the longest 'love-affair' I have with my career, the risk paid off. Just like any relationship, writing opened new doors and skills for me- 9 years and I still have stars in my eyes when I talk of online world.